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Read other customer experiences of trying to conceive and how our products helped.
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"I believe if it wasn't for Impryl we wouldn't have our wonderful daughter who is now about to turn one next month!"
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As I had PCOS, I was advised to take Inofolic Alpha. I was also trying to conceive and wanted to give my body the best chance to do so. Within a month I'd had a period and then regular periods every month after that. Within six months I conceived naturally and gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 2021. I continued taking Inofolic Alpha throughout my pregnancy and had no issues whatsoever.
Jun 15th, 2023


After struggling with PCOS for many years, I decided to get help. I started Inofolic Alpha and after three months, I had my first positive ovulation result in 4 years. Two weeks later, I had a positive pregnancy test and a healthy baby boy, 9 months later.
Jun 15th, 2023


I’ve always had very irregular periods due to PCOS. I took Inofolic Alpha for months ahead of our first IVF cycle and during the IVF process. My husband also took Impryl to ensure sperm quality and count. These have resulted in the most perfect little boy.
Jun 15th, 2023


Inofolic Alpha is very effective. It regulated my periods and then led to conceiving my daughter, who is now 7 months old!
Jun 15th, 2023


Aged 39 I had never been pregnant despite years of trying and was very worried. I started taking Inofolic Alpha and within 3 months I was pregnant.
Jun 15th, 2023


I started taking Inofolic Alpha to help regulate my periods and ovulation after being diagnosed with PCOS and a painful miscarriage. I am now 38 weeks pregnant.
Jun 15th, 2023


I noticed my hair isn't falling out as much and I wasn't feeling as tired all the time, I'm currently in my 7th month of taking this product and have just found out we are expecting our first baby after 3 years of trying!
Jun 15th, 2023


I was diagnosed with PCOS and had been trying for a baby for 18 months. My first proper period came in January. Incredibly, I was pregnant by February! I continued to take Inofolic Alpha throughout my pregnancy and carried full term.
Jun 15th, 2023


Within 2 months my PCOS symptoms had started to calm and we found out we were pregnant! I am now 29 weeks pregnant and expecting our baby boy in April.
May 23rd, 2023