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The supplements on the Fertility Family website are brought to you by Health Medica Ltd, a UK healthcare company. Our range of high quality products are recommended by fertility specialists across the UK to increase your chances of having a baby.

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Our Customer Support

Our friendly customer support team are based right here in the UK. Specialising in the field of fertility medicine we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service. We believe everyone should have the best chance to start a family and that shines through in everything we do.

Our Warehouse Team

Being a trusted healthcare company, our UK warehouse team carefully pick and pack your supplements with care and attention and ensure discreet packaging with fast delivery, to provide you with peace of mind and the best customer satisfaction – from the moment we receive your order until your package arrives at your door.

The Fertility Family products have been carefully formulated to provide you with the correct amount of nutrients in order to deliver balanced support for conception.

A photo of Impryl packaging by Health Medica

Our experience in this field has helped us to find products that have the evidence to convince us that they will be the most effective. The fertility supplement market is dominated by products which do not have significant evidence as to how effective they can be, with most of the data provided based around one or two ingredients rather than the product as a whole. The products available on Fertility Family have clinical trials with actual evidence of improved fertility through pregnancy and live births. It is essential for us to have this information so that we know we are giving you the best possible product and you know that the exact dose you get is scientifically proven to help improve your chances when trying to conceive. This is why our products are supported by fertility experts and are recommended to many of those struggling with infertility.

Experience has taught me how to make things better

Our MD, Terry Sullivan, has specialised in reproductive health for over 35 years, from the very beginning of IVF treatment. Working with the top specialists Terry helped to build fertility treatment in the UK, raising awareness and encouraging NHS funding.

Terry has now created a company based on his belief that it is really important to care about people: those who work for you, their families, our customers and their patients. Everything that Health Medica does subscribes to this ethos.

Our customers have great things to say about us… 

“Fantastic service. Great medical advice and a speedy delivery” – Louise

“Customer service have been great, always at the end of the phone with advice should you need them” –Lisa

“Arrived quickly delivery guy was so friendly and respectful an amazing service” – Gemma

“Such fantastic customer service and speedy delivery” – Aisha

Everyone at Fertility Family knows that we can make a difference

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