Trying for a baby

Supplements to take when you’re trying for a baby.

Trying for a baby

Are you currently trying for a baby or struggling to conceive? 

If you’re in the process of trying to conceive, there are steps that both men and women can take to prepare their bodies and improve the chances of conception. This involves enhancing your vitamin intake either through dietary adjustments or by incorporating supplements.

By integrating Impryl® into your routine and maintaining a diverse and well-balanced diet, you’ll ensure your body receives the necessary nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.

What supplements or vitamins should I be taking if I’m trying to conceive?

When trying for a baby, certain supplements and vitamins can support fertility and improve the chances of conceiving. There are many fertility supplements on the market, but not all have the evidence to back their claims. Folic acid is recommended by the NHS as it helps lower the risk of issues with the baby’s development in the early stages of pregnancy. Impryl®  contains Folic acid in its activated form (5MTHF – glucosamine) at the recommended 400 microgram dose, alongside Betaine, L-cystine, Niacin, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin and Vitamin B12 to support you and your partner if you’re trying to conceive. This combination of ingredients is designed to give optimal metabolic balance to improve the quality of the egg and sperm, and evidence shows it increases the chance of becoming pregnant. 

Other vitamins and supplements that have been linked to enhancing fertility include B vitamins to ensure egg and sperm quality, myo-inositol to improve ovulation and egg quality, probiotics to support your gut health, and omega-3 fatty acids for sperm quantity, morphology and motility. Vitamin D is also recommended during pregnancy, as it is essential for bone health, fertility and immune function, so taking it when trying to conceive can be beneficial to get your body to the optimum level for pregnancy. Always consult with your doctor to determine your specific needs based on your health history, diet and any existing conditions.

Do fertility supplements work?

The effectiveness of many fertility supplements on the market can vary based on how those supplements are made and the individual’s health conditions. When it comes to choosing fertility supplements, opting for high-quality, scientifically researched supplements is important. Evidence shows that Impryl® significantly improves live birth rates for men and women who had previously been struggling to get pregnant. Its micronutrients have been shown to help infertile women get a better chance of having a healthy baby. Supplements can be part of a broader approach to enhancing fertility, such as healthy nutrition and exercise to boost effectiveness.