Inofolic® Alpha

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The PCOS supplement for women

Daily dose: 2 sachets per day
For the best chance of success, take Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months

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For the best chance of success, take Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months

Inofolic Alpha
1 – 2 Months£34 per MonthFull Price
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6 – 12 Months£27 per MonthSave 21%

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Product Information

Inofolic Alpha is a dietary supplement designed for women with PCOS. Inofolic Alpha contains myo-inositol, alpha-lactalbumin and folic acid.

Nutritional Information
Active IngredientsPer sachet%NRV
Myo-inositol2000 mg
Alpha-lactalbumin50 mg
Folic acid200 mcg100

NRV: Nutrient reference value according to Reg. (EU) n.1169/2011.

Suitable for vegetarians

It is recommended to take one sachet twice a day between meals. In order to ensure a constant supply of inositol, it is recommended to take the two sachets with a 12-hour interval.

Add one sachet to 25-100ml of water, stir and drink

Each month’s supply will contain 2 boxes of 30 sachets

53 reviews for Inofolic® Alpha

  1. Melissa (verified owner)

    Great product and delivered quickly.

  2. Sana (verified owner)

    Its my 3rd month taking alpha Inofolic and I must say it has already regulated my cycle and I am hoping to get pregnant with the help of this medicine. The delivery is super fast!!!

  3. Nadia (verified owner)

    Taking it regularly, it’s definitely made a difference. Very happy!

  4. V.V (verified owner)

    I happy with this product.

  5. Emma (verified owner)

    I have only been taking this product for a few days so yet to see any changes, but having been recommended this by several people I have high hopes this will help to regulate my periods and eventually fall pregnant

  6. Eloise (verified owner)

    Been taking this product for 2 and half months now and it has hugely improved my acne and other symptoms of PCOS…. I’m trying for a baby so fingers crossed as this was recommended by my doctor 🙂

  7. Helen

    Had trouble with my periods for a long time. I got recommended this by our consultant and was un sure about buying it at first as it’s expensive. But I wish I had done it sooner. Received so quickly and started taking straight away……just under a week of taking I came on my period. I hoping this continues and makes my cycle more regular then normal.

  8. Hafsa (verified owner)

    I have bought this product based on my Doctors recommendation. I also am impressed with the website, its designed well, easy to read, very informative, easy to place order. The delivery notifications are very helpful. It has only been a week so I am still waiting to see results but I also have a positive feeling that Inofolic Alpha will make improvements to my PCOS.

  9. Jessel (verified owner)

    I have been taking inofolic for the last 3 months and ive noticed the difference. My period comes exactly the same day every month. I couldnt believe it as i always have an irregular period. My husband is taking impryl too as this is recommended by the nurse in our clinic. This month i will be going for our first treatment for IVF. Getting excited now. I highly recommend this inofolic as its work like a miracle.

  10. Pru (verified owner)

    I had been referred to this product by a private consultant. I hadn’t really got much good advice regarding POS from GPs and often made to feel like there is nothing you can do about it. However with Inofolic there really is, and as I want to get pregnant soon and do whatever I can do treat PCOS, this is a great solution I can use with confidence.

  11. Katie (verified owner)

    I was recommended to take this product by a fertility specialist after being diagnosed with PCOS. I have been taking for a long time now (probably 9 months) and while I see no side effects, I am unable to comment on its benefits as have not seen any of those either. The product itself though is fine – easy to mix and drink.

  12. Lisa

    I’m not sure if I’m seeing much improvements with my PCOS but I did get pregnant after a month of using it, after nearly a year of trying.

  13. JJ (verified owner)

    This product was recommended by a influencer on Instagram who specializes in pcos. I had to thank her because this has completely reversed my uncontrollable and heavy periods. At one point I would have a period every other month and when it did come it would last for weeks. After one month of taking this product my period came and it was significantly different, it went back to its normal flo, the length of time went back to what it was and the cramps has subsided. I also believe it has helped with my insulin tolerance as the dark patches I use to have are lightening up and will hopefully disappear soon.

  14. Lane

    I found this product online coz I am desperate to conceive again. I don’t know yet if it’s effective but I am hopeful for it. Thank you in advance!

  15. Isobel (verified owner)

    Been taking this for almost a week now after it was recommended by a fertility consultant. Started my period after 3 days having not had one for about 3 months. So far so good! Hoping this will help us conceive.

  16. Annabelle (verified owner)

    First time I took them back in 2018 and I fell pregnant after 3 months of taking them with fertility treatment when before without them the fertitly treatment wasn’t working. Now I started to take them again to make my periods regualr I been on them 3 months now from second month I saw my periods had come back and it’s came back again on 3rd month

  17. Lucy (verified owner)

    My cycles were out of whack-I’d had a 42 day cycle which was odd for me. I’d done an IVF cycle in 2016 and the Dr recommended this to me. So, I thought I’d give it a go again. I didn’t get much chance to see the difference in my cycle as I got pregnant! The packaging says to keep taking it through pregnancy, so that’s what I’ll do.

  18. Rahena (verified owner)

    I was recommended this product by my doctor as I have an iud inserted which I’m taking the Inofolic along with it and a result I can see a huge difference on my monthly cycle which has become a blessing will be purchasing more in the future absolutely love the quick delivery service

  19. Lloyd (verified owner)

    Shopping with yourselves has been an absolute joy. From an easy experience in manoeuvring through my purchase, to the constant updates regarding my items location in transport.

    My wife is already seeing results so I can rest assured that if we require more that it will be a great experience the second time around.

  20. Zakia (verified owner)

    Have just started taking it, hopefully it’ll have positive outcomes very soon. Order process was super easy and delivery very quick. Thank you.

  21. Kirsty Tanner (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and speedy delivery! This is my first week of taking Inofolic Alpha. I hope to see my cycles regulate in the coming months and hopefully it help us with trying to conceive. It doesn’t dissolve fully (no matter how much you stir) so it tastes a little bit gritty, but it’s not unpleasant!

  22. Wendy (verified owner)

    I started taking inofolic to manage my PCOS symptoms. I was really struggling with headaches, acne and sugar level issues. I’ve been taking inofolic for over a year now and I couldn’t be without it! Including the fact that we decided to try for another baby, and it took only 2 months not 2 years like previous pregnancies. I really do and have recommended this product to friends who suffer from PCOS. It’s changed my life.

  23. Agnes (verified owner)

    Delivery was so quick and trustworthy and Inofolic Alpha is being effective as I can recognise several changes in my body system.

  24. Hayley (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing products can well and truly say they have given me the best gift in life 🥰

  25. Sanna (verified owner)

    I have been taking Inofolic for 4 months and my cycle used to be 35 days and now they are 30 days I feel it has helped my inflammation and bloating with PCOS it’s a part of my life now I cant imagine life without it trying to get pregnant plz keep me in your all prayers I just pray and hope Inofolic helps me get pregnant now

  26. Hasina (verified owner)


  27. Allyssia (verified owner)

    Has help regulate me which I’ve never had before !!

  28. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Easy to buy, the treatment arrived the next day so I could start taking it immediately. The actual powder tastes fine, and is easy to make, and take. I’m really impressed with everything so far.

  29. Saadat (verified owner)

    Started last week and I am already feeling improvement in my stress level and sleep patterns. Hoping it will regularise my cycle and help me conceive as well.

  30. Stephanie (verified owner)

    When using I have a more consistent menstrual cycle, much thicker and healthier hair and a big improvement in acne.

  31. Amisha (verified owner)

    The website was easy to navigate, the information was easily available, customer services were excellent, the order process was carried out with ease, and the cherry on the cake was delivery was super fast! The product itself is perfect for me; I’ve tried powdered vitamin mixes before which are overly sweet/bitter, but thankfully this is tasteless so it’s very easy to drinks, and it doesn’t clump like other brands. It’s also colourless, so when you’re drinking this around other people, you don’t have to make up a cover story up story for your fertility needs! I bought 3M worth, and most certainly will be ordering again long term!

  32. Gill G (verified owner)

    Have been taking for three months. Am mid-way through IVF cycles so not sure of the impact on my natural cycles yet (hence the three stars at the moment). Good service and very speedy delivery.

  33. Celine (verified owner)

    Has improved my cycle but it is still early days, hopefully I will be able to give 5 stars eventually!! Prompt delivery of the product.

  34. Gina (verified owner)

    Great service speed. Easy to order. Delivery was next day and well communicated.
    Have been taking Inofolic for almost a year on the advice of our IVF clinic. Cycles went from anywhere between 18 days to 72 days to 30- 33 days.
    IVF has been successful and have been advised to take the supplement throughout pregnancy. Just bought my first order of Inofolic Alpha and started it today.

  35. Emma (verified owner)

    Quick delivery.

  36. K.Bell (verified owner)

    This product has really helped me with PCOS, as I used to have irregular periods with lots of spotting which nobody could understand even after keyhole surgeries. This product has regulated my period within the 1st month of taking, and spotting has dissappeared.
    Delivery was fabulous as I received it the next day and was not expecting it to be so fast.
    I have recommended inofolic to others who have also begun using and are happy with it

  37. Eleni (verified owner)

    It certainly helps with glucose/the need to nibble all the time.Easy to drink/no taste.Await results

  38. Jo (verified owner)

    Great service, answered product questions promptly and delivery was very quick

  39. Sherene (verified owner)

    After experiencing irregular periods and extremely light periods, practically spotting following IVF treatment that sadly failed, I was very concerned. I took other supplements prior to trying Impryl and nothing else really helped to regulate my periods or increase the blood flow. I have severe endometriosis (stage 4) and so I am use to quite heavy periods.
    After one month of taking Impryl, my periods were exactly 28 days from each other. I still had a lighter period than I am use to, however the flow was better. I have bought Impryl again to continue taking, I’m now in my 2nd month. I take Impryl along with Inofolic Alpha.
    I’m giving a 4* rating because it’s early days but I’m happy with the results so far. After a few more months, I’ll review again hopefully with a 5* rating.

  40. Francesca (verified owner)

    Great product. I’ve been using for about 6 months alongside Metformin as I was recommended it by an IVF consultant. It has really helped regulate my periods.

  41. Raquel (verified owner)

    Easy to order and very quick delivery.
    Although I’m still TTC, I feel inopholic helps me with PCOS symptoms

  42. Courtney (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these I have no side effects and hopefully they do the job

  43. Catherine (verified owner)

    Delivery was surprisingly fast, ordered on Thursday and arrived on Saturday! Very happy 🙂 Only been taking this for nearly a week so can’t comment on the product itself. However, I started taking this same day it arrive (was on my period which is normally 8 days long) on the 5th day it stopped! So happy about it so something must be right! Can’t wait to see if I actually start ovulating as well as I haven’t done so for a long time:(

  44. Maryem (verified owner)

    I have been taking Inofolic (now Inofolic Alpha) for about 2 years now and have found that it has really helped with my PCOS symptoms. This was recommended by my doctor and I did ask why she would recommend a supplement which helps people who are trying to conceive. I was 20 at the time with no intention of starting a family anytime soon however she did say this will really help when you get to that point and to start working on your PCOS now- diet, exercise and taking Inofolic.

    Overall I have felt a great difference with my weight, my hirsutism as really calmed down and overall feel amazing 😊

    P.s I also take a combined pill and will continue to take this supplement

  45. Naomi (verified owner)

    Seems to work well.
    I also like the fact that it doesn’t have a flavour so I mix it with my cereal in the morning which works well.

  46. Natalie (verified owner)

    Tastes better than the older version, I’ve used three months of the original formula and have purchased the new “Inofolic Alpha” only in my first few days but the taste is different not really of anything but different … nicer. Fingers crossed I can fall pregnant soon!

  47. Ines (verified owner)

    This was recommended to me by my consultant, it has regulated my cycle (irregular due to PCOS) after just one month of usage

  48. Emma (verified owner)

    Bought to help with PCOS. Speedy delivery and well packaged!

  49. Vandana (verified owner)

    I took these sachets for 2 months and ate healthy food along with it plus exercise as 3-4 times per week . It helped me loose few lbs as well . Continue taking it and will try to conceive due to pcos.

  50. Simran (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking this four days and I’ve already started spotting. I have not had a menstrual cycle for 5months. I think its worth a buy.

  51. Daniela (verified owner)

    I happy with the product and continue to take it regulsrly.

  52. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I was diagnosed with PCOS after many months and was recommended this product by a fertility specialist. I was completely unaware Inofolic was around so to be offered what seems a very simple solution came as a blessing. I’m always so impressed with how easy the process in ordering Inofolic is and the prompt delivery.

    After taking Inofolic for a few months I was completely elated to announce I was pregnant with my little boy. I will be using this product again, I have already recommended this product to others!

  53. Iqra (verified owner)

    I have bought this product on my friend recommendation and i am taking it since month and feeling great result as my acne is being imrpved and i am feeling less mood swings .
    This product has given me hope for improving my fertility. Finger cross.

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