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Male Fertility Supplements

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Male Fertility Supplements

How to boost male fertility and sperm count

Take a clinically proven male fertility supplement that will naturally support your body – steer clear of supplements with high values of Vitamins C, E, CoQ10 and selenium.

In addition, you can:

Eat healthily

Choose vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish and avoid highly processed foods.

Exercise regularly

At least 3 times per week – and keep your weight down.

Keep your testicles cool!

Normal sperm production occurs just below normal body temperature, which is why the testes are outside the body. Avoid sitting in hot showers or baths or with your laptop on your knees for long periods, wear looser clothing, walk around and go outside when you can.


Give up smoking and reduce your alcohol intake.

Male Fertility Supplements

What is male infertility?

We often don’t realise the impact of our modern lifestyle and environmental factors such as pollution and chemicals until we are taken ill or are trying to conceive. Then we ask what can be done to mitigate their effect and improve our fertility.

Did you know that sperm is the smallest cell in the human body? And a sperm ejaculated today first started developing about three months ago?

This is why it’s important to improve the building blocks of your body – the cells – before you try for a baby. Without doing this, the number of sperm produced can be dramatically reduced and the sperm’s DNA can be damaged, affecting its structure, ability to fertilise and motility.

Sperm have to be in great shape to be able to swim up the female reproductive tract and fertilise an egg. Even taking some popular food supplements, such as vitamin C and selenium, can damage sperm.

Fortunately, there are actions you can take to improve male fertility, including introducing male fertility supplements to your diet.


How Impryl® can help you

Impryl® is a nutritional supplement that is easy for your body to absorb and which delivers a balanced amount of the right nutrients that will improve male and female fertility. If your diet lacks these particular nutrients, your body will absorb them from Impryl®. If they are not needed, you are simply adding additional nutrients into your diet.

Clinical data from multiple studies proves that men suffering from fertility problems are twice as likely to have a baby when taking the active micronutrients in Impryl®.

In scientific terms, the nutrients help to optimise gene expression, boost the energy needed for the cells to create and fuel sperm, and bolster natural antioxidant defences.

Put simply, this means supporting the body’s metabolism to ensure it is in the optimal state possible for producing sperm – and the sperm that is produced is of the best possible quality. It also supports the production of good quality eggs in women.

Both men and women should take Impryl® for at least three months prior to conception to boost their fertility.


Which supplements are best for male fertility?

Evidence-based supplements are best for male fertility. This is vital, because some supplements can actually hinder male fertility, such as those which contain excessive levels of antioxidants.

Impryl® is different to other supplements on the market because of the unique combination of activated micronutrients that provide optimal support for sperm development without causing any harm.


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I'm so grateful to the doctor for recommending Impryl to me and if we try for another in the future, I will definitely be taking these from the start.
Mar 5th, 2024


I am now 17 weeks pregnant; we believe this is 100% down to Impryl just giving everything that boost we needed. We are over the moon and I’m so grateful.
Aug 31st, 2023


We have seen that all parameters in myself and my husband improved, so we can say that Impryl really does improve both egg quality and sperm quality.
Aug 31st, 2023


We've got a complex recurrent miscarriage and infertility history. My husband was diagnosed with above-average DNA fragmentation and low AMH which I have. Impryl has given us both more confidence to try again.
Jun 15th, 2023


We were left with a minuscule sperm count that doctors said wasn’t even good enough for the ICSI we’d need to conceive. Our clinic recommended Impryl. Our baby girl was born last year as a result of IUI because of such a good sperm count.
Jun 15th, 2023