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Matt's story

Mar 5th, 2024 in Impryl®

I'm so grateful to the doctor for recommending Impryl to me and if we try for another in the future, I will definitely be taking these from the start.

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My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year, I’d started to get concerned that there was an issue with me. I bought myself a couple of different home sperm tests. With the results coming back varied and low which only added to the stress. My wife went for proper tests and her results came back all fine. 

We then decided that I should get official tests via the doctor and during this process, the doctor recommended I take Impryl, they did say that it could take up to 3 months to become effective and get into your system. 

I got my results back and they said that I was pretty much normal, but to just keep taking these supplements and to relax. 2 months later we found out that we were pregnant, our due date is 31st March! I’m so grateful to the doctor for recommending Impryl to me and if we try for another in the future, I will definitely be taking these from the start.

I would recommend to anyone in a similar situation not to bother with any of the sperm tests you get on Amazon or Boots and just to get straight on with taking Impryl. I have read through other people’s stories and can only put our pregnancy down to both Impryl and stress relief.

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