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The fertility supplement for both men and women

Daily dose: 1 tablet per day
For the best chance of success, take Impryl for at least 3 months

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For the best chance of success, take Impryl for at least 3 months

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Product Information

Impryl is a dietary supplement designed for both men and women. Impryl contains activated micro-nutrients to support fertility by optimising both sperm and egg quality.

Nutritional Information
Active IngredientsPer day (1 tablet)%NRV
Betaine200 mg
L-cystine200 mg
Niacin16 mg100
Zinc10 mg100
Vitamin B61.4 mg100
Riboflavin1.4 mg100
Folic acid (5MTHF – glucosamine)400 mcg200
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)2.5 mcg100

NRV: Nutrient reference value according to Reg. (EU) n.1169/2011

Suitable for vegan and vegetarians. Lactose free and Gluten free

Daily dose: 1 tablet per day

It is recommended to take one tablet a day with a glass of water between meals

Each month’s supply will contain 1 box of 30 tablets

114 reviews for Impryl®

  1. Silvia (verified owner)

    Too early to tell if we’re getting any results but shopping experience was easy and product arrived quickly as advised.

  2. shammy (verified owner)

    Only took it for one month yet. However my period has been in tune which I’ve been struggling before as it various months to month. Early days yet not pregnant yet but hopeful for positive outcome in near future. Have ordered my second pack so let’s see.

  3. Leandro (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, still trying

  4. Zoe Wood (verified owner)

    Only just started using but great service – speedy delivery

  5. Louisa (verified owner)

    Very fast Delievery. Only just started taking that tablets so will let you know but so far very easy to take.

  6. Sups

    We have started taking these meds this month and praying they work well as it worked well for other couples. The shopping experience was really good. Excellent service and on-point delivery

  7. Marc (verified owner)

    Cannot yet say the product has done anything, but delivery was fast at least.

  8. Lucy (verified owner)

    Arrived so quickly, great product.

  9. Kim (verified owner)

    I’ve only just started taken these so I can’t comment yet on any effects. They arrived quickly after order despite the fact that I ordered them over the Christmas period.

  10. Collette (verified owner)

    Myself and my partner have been taking these for around 2 months now after our first failed IVF. We were recommended these by our consultant as my eggs were not of good quality. We are hoping to start another round of IVF in summer, I will be sure to update my review accordingly after my next round. Can’t say whether these work yet but delivery was very fast and been a great experience ordering from fertility family so far.

  11. Nicola (verified owner)

    Was recommended these by a friend as her a consultant had said they were the best supplement to take in preparation.

  12. Imogen

    We have already noticed an improvement in some areas of my husband’s sperm motility. It is expensive but we are continuing to use this until we fall

  13. Yordan (verified owner)

    I have been taking Impryl for over 2 years now. My wife started taking them 3 months ago, as we had a failed first IVF attempt. Not sure if they have improved anything. Hopefully it will help us achieve a healthy pregnancy soon.

    • Fertility Family (verified owner)

      We wish you every success and remind you that Impryl is carefully formulated to provide the appropriate micronutrients to support the metabolism and provide the optimal metabolic balance for egg and sperm development. We do not therefore recommend taking other supplements in combination with Impryl for fertility purposes, other than Vitamin D for women who are intending to get pregnant.

  14. Yordan (verified owner)

    I have been taking Impryl for some time now. My wife started taking them as well, as it can improve the egg quality. Hopefully it will help us with achieving a healthy pregnancy.

  15. Nimo (verified owner)

    Still early days, I can’t say more, but excellent service and products

  16. Claire (verified owner)

    Started taking impryl the last 3 months along side inofolic alpha to aid us in our IVF journey next year. After 3 months of taking impryl i am delighted to say i got a positive pregnancy test currently 8 weeks pregnant.

  17. Andrew (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product

  18. Sarah (verified owner)

    I feel better since taking these tablets, I must have been deficient in something. Boosted my energy levels.

  19. Alina (verified owner)

    We’ve just started taking Impryl few weeks ago and we are putting alot of hope in it after a failed ivf treatment. The fertility Consultant advised us both to take fingers crossed for next ivf treatment!

  20. Pardeep (verified owner)

    Thank you so much, this has given us hope again that having children is possible. my husband notices more energy. Hoping the see good results for me.

  21. Michelle (verified owner)

    I can’t really review the product yet as my husband hasn’t taken it for long enough but hoping for positive results. Supplements always delivered quickly.

  22. Nina (verified owner)

    I am using them for the process of egg freezing and the egg quality was good during the first two IVF cycles

  23. Rb

    Worked for us to conceive, but take it longer and not just one month. We took this on recommendation by Clinician.

  24. Linda (verified owner)

    I have began taking the tablets a couple months ago. Therefore time will tell. I am also a bit older. However I am sure my immune system along with my husband has improved.

  25. Angela (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and easy service.

  26. Anwir (verified owner)

    Still early days i can’t say anything as me still talking Impryl first week, but the customer service was great and quick deliver

  27. Anne (verified owner)

    Been using since sept, energy levels increased will be purchasing more

  28. Anne (verified owner)

    Been using since sept, energy levels increased although I have received a bfp just yet but I know I feel much better since using them

  29. Richard (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery product was with me in 24 hours will update review after course of tablets is complete

  30. Jacquina (verified owner)

    This supplement is highly recommended by my gynaecologist for both of my husband and myself. I have had 2 failed IVF and found this top gynaecologist who is also treating the Royal family advised me to try this and do the next round naturally with some booster. Going to try it soon!

  31. Laura (verified owner)

    We need to do ICSI due to severe male factor infertility and so far have had 5 unsuccessful rounds. My husband has been taking these for 6 months after a recommendation from a friend. His count has gone from “uncountable” to 4.1 million and morphology and motility have both improved too. Feeling hopeful for round 6!

  32. Matthew (verified owner)

    Recommended this fertility supplement from our consultant and have started to feel much better in my general health.

  33. Emma

    Both Impryl and Inofolic Alpha were game changers for us!
    My husband took Impryl for DNA fragmentation, and after 4-5 months the reduction was significant, more than the hospital thought was ever possible. Inofolic Alpha has also made a big impact on my fertility and overall wellbeing from month 1. We will continue to use both until we become pregnant.

  34. Laura (verified owner)

    Awaiting results to see if any improvements. Home monitoring sperm kit has given a good indication of improvement in numbers, we are now waiting to see if DNA frag has improved.

  35. Ayan (verified owner)

    Still early days i can’t say anything as me and husband are talking Impryl first week, but the customer service was great and quick delivery.

  36. Osman (verified owner)

    Taking this first week, received within 3 day good service

  37. Anne-Marie (verified owner)

    Super quick delivery, kept informed of the process of the order all the way, thank you very much!!

  38. Mrs M (verified owner)

    Too early to say whether there has been any benefit, but the customer service and delivery were great

  39. Pardeep (verified owner)

    Me and my partner have been taking these for 18 months now and no real results. They were recommended by my doctor as I have PCOS so I have continued to take them but they are very expensive considering we’ve seen no results.

    • Fertility Family

      We are extremely sorry that you do not appear to have benefitted from Impryl. You mentioned that you have PCOS and that Impryl was recommended by your doctor. If you would be willing to email us directly, we would like to discuss this with you further at

  40. Sarah (verified owner)

    We have been taking Impryl now for four months after being advised by our fertility doctor. I feel like I have more energy, and we’re hopeful that it will help make that all important difference

  41. Sukhwant (verified owner)

    Much better than any other products in the market

  42. Bella (verified owner)

    Just ordered, not trying yet, i hope for succes with impryl

  43. Rehan (verified owner)

    Just started now and feeling good changes

  44. Sid (verified owner)

    Husband and I have just started to take Impryl – started to notice energy levels have increased. The pills are quite large to swallow.

  45. KStar (verified owner)

    Impryl was recommended by the doctor. Early days but hoping it will help. Easy to order and delivery is super fast. The only downside is the cost of buying but if it helps then probably worth it.

  46. Lindsey (verified owner)

    After being recommended Impryl we both took for two months before we fell and currently 14weeks pregnant.

  47. Liam (verified owner)

    Had good results with this in the past. At the moment the doctor is recommending using this in combination with another drug (alternate days). Would prefer a one stop shop.

  48. Raphael (verified owner)

    Easy to select the product needed, payment is not difficult and the delivery is very fast.

  49. Vicki (verified owner)

    Very early days for us at the moment, but the service received from Fertility Family was amazing. Delivery was so fast, thank you!

  50. Sherene (verified owner)

    Feel I have more energy taking this. Love knowing that I’m getting all the right vitamins and nutrients per day.

  51. Tasha (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery, Only been taking a week so can not comment on results, Keeping evrything crossed for a positive result

  52. Folorunso (verified owner)

    Very good fertility supplement to use,ontime deliver great customer service.

  53. Justina (verified owner)

    We been recommended Impryl by our IVF clinic. My husband been taking impryl for 2 weeks, can’t comment on this yet as believe it’s too soon, we will be going through IVF next month- so fingers crossed.
    Overall, website easy to use and quick delivery.
    Thank you

  54. RM

    Hi there, I have been taking impryl for approx 9 months now, I am trying to make a decision for buying another course .my DNA fragmentation was quite poor, after the comet test basically 9% was good having taken impryl under the guidance of my urologist ,the “good” numbers for my DNA fragmentation test went up to 43% which was amazing (4months ago) we have just done an IVF and the embryologist advised numbers were very low in respect to motility and mobility during the egg collection time possibly why the cycle failed again
    Having read one of the responses by fertility family above I noticed the advice is not to take any vitamin c, I take 500mg of vit c, should I completely stop this, I also take 3000iu of vit D.

    • Fertility Family (verified owner)

      We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced with DNA Fragmentation and the failed cycles of IVF.

      DNA fragmentation is the ‘snipping up’ of DNA in the sperm head, which can contribute towards difficulties in conceiving and/or miscarriage. DNA fragmentation is often treated with strong anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, CoQ10, Vitamin A and Carotenoids.

      However, we now know that although they might prevent DNA fragmentation, these strong anti-oxidants can then cause DNA de-condensation, which is the unravelling of the DNA in the sperm head, meaning that conception is not possible at all.

      Impryl’s unique balance of micronutrients prevents DNA fragmentation without causing DNA de-condensation and can improve the quality of sperm, the DNA and motility.

      We recommend that you stop taking Vitamin C or any supplements containing strong anti-oxidants. Okay to continue with vitamin D.

      With our very best wishes

  55. Julie (verified owner)

    Fantastic service, fast efficient, I’m very impressed and will most definitely be back. Thank you so much!

  56. Sarah (verified owner)

    Quick & easy to order. Came the next day fingers crossed they work for us.

  57. Victoria

    Feeling really positive and even noticing some health benefits such as more energy and even increased libido after two weeks of use and after reading the reviews very excited for a positive result soon! Our fertility clinic advised that we take this after a failed round of IVF so fingers crossed for round 2 with the help of Impryl!

  58. Clarisse (verified owner)

    Quick delivery just started taking for a week hope I will see the difference

  59. Saima (verified owner)

    I have recently just bought Impryl so my judgement about how it works is still pending. However after I had ordered the product I had a track system straightaway and also had fast delivery

  60. John (verified owner)

    Have been using Impryl for the last 5 months as our consultant advised that my sperm quality showed signs of low morphology and motility. After using Impryl as a daily supplement and with slight changes to my diet, I am happy to share that my recent results show a huge improvement in my sperm quality. Highly recommend.

  61. Leah (verified owner)

    Taking for 3 months now, preparation for our next round of ivf. Hopefully it’ll help us along.

  62. Angela (verified owner)

    Pregnant after taking this supplement for 6 months

  63. Zoe

    Only started taking and was recommended by consultant due to infertility and trying for a baby for three years, at the start I did have some side effects of feeling unwell but now all OK, it is too early to tell at this point if it has made a difference

  64. Natasha (verified owner)

    Just started taking one week ago – both my husband and I as recommended by our Consultant. Tablets are large but great to just take one a day as previously we were having to remember to take multiple tablets at different times of day. Clinic has been very positive about the clinical results seen. Taking in prep for ICSI and very hopeful!!

  65. James (verified owner)

    Great product recommended to me by GP and fertility consultant. Clear result within 3 months of using, but have yet to conceive. Have been using this product for over a year now and will continue to do so.

  66. Nisha (verified owner)

    Fantastic prompt service, cannot fault

  67. Jodie (verified owner)

    Unsure of what impryl has done for me, still waiting to begin my IVF cycle, I’m hoping they have improved my egg count

  68. Jade (verified owner)

    Really happy with this product after using so many different products before which have not suited me, me and my husband are both using this one and really like it! We were recommended by our ivf clinic as we are about to start IVF and our doctor told us to use it!! My husband has had a sperm freeze just before our IVF and after using this product they have said it has improved so can only think it’s this product that has helped as he has not changed anything else! Also delivery is very efficient.

  69. Helen (verified owner)

    Has definitely improved my partners sperm count.

  70. Sylvia (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Just started taking them. We are hopeful

  71. Mark (verified owner)

    Bought recently, will see later on this year if they really help us with our plans for a baby and if its worth the price tag to buy them.

  72. Renuka (verified owner)

    Good product

  73. Funmilola (verified owner)

    I bought this product for me and my husband I can’t believe the product arrived quicker than I can imagine, my husband was so amazed about the quality of the tablet , perfect packaging and delivery , we just started using this and I hope it will work for us.

  74. Ellen (verified owner)

    Came the next day! Happy with purchase.

  75. Lisa (verified owner)

    Just started my second month of Impryl, last cycle had changed massively so hoping that’s a good thing.
    Also feel better in myself, excellent fast delivery and can’t wait to see what the future brings regarding a baby

  76. Kathrine (verified owner)

    Too early to tell if this has been effective for us, but delivery was quick and discreet. Thank you.

  77. Muammer (verified owner)

    Fast delivery👍
    Hoping the see good results after🙂

  78. Lauren (verified owner)

    The service from Fertility Family is very good, my Impryl tablets are always delivered promptly. I have been taking Impryl for a few months while having IVF treatment as advised by my fertility nurse.

  79. Claire (verified owner)

    As previous reviews have mentioned these tablets are very difficult to swallow, breaking them in half does not make it any easier, they are just an awkward shape to swallow then, and a odd texture. Was highly recommended so will continue for the obvious benefits, but shame you ignore the reviews on this issue, my husband and myself both have an issue with this.

    • Fertility Family (verified owner)

      We are sorry that you and your husband have an issue with the size and texture of the tablet.
      The suggestion we have made to split the tablet is, unfortunately, the only solution we are able to offer at this time, as film-coating or making the tablet smaller does not work for technical reasons.
      We take this matter seriously and are continuing to explore other manufacturing options.

  80. Iain (verified owner)

    My wife and I had been trying for over a year before we considered there may be other factors affecting conception. We already have a child and had no previous issues conceiving so were surprised that it was taking longer than we had planned.

    We contacted a fertility clinic and after two rounds of tests found I had low sperm count and mobility which was devastating to hear. We’d been taking other supplements and the usual steps (healthy diet, more exercise, less alcohol consumption etc) so the advice of “just keep going, you are doing the right things” was a crushing blow and left us feeling helpless.

    At the appointment we were given a leaflet and recommendation to take Impryl which initially we dismissed as just another tablet to take. However, after taking for 1 MONTH (honestly true!) my wife and I are pregnant and awaiting our 12 week scan in a few weeks.

    I have no doubt these tablets played a part in helping with conceiving and I can’t recommend enough. We had a lot of dark day thinking this may never happen again for us and while I cant promise these pills are the magic ingredient, they certainly helped us and I will be forever grateful that we took the advice and tried Impryl.

  81. Klara (verified owner)

    Great product to help with oxidative stress on cells. Sometimes difficult to swallow as large tablet

    • Fertility Family (verified owner)

      We are delighted that you are pleased with the quality of Impryl. Maintaining the quality of the product together with a reduction in size and film coating has, so far, proved impractical. However, we hope you won’t mind breaking the tablets in half if you are having difficulty swallowing them. This definitely makes it easier and will not compromise the effectiveness.

  82. Sharron (verified owner)

    Great service and fast delivery!

  83. Sophie

    The tablets are very big and an awkward shape so don’t slide down easily. Both me and my husband struggle a bit and we are seasoned tablet takers! Otherwise great product, just be warned if you struggle with tablet swallowing!

    • Fertility Family (verified owner)

      We are delighted that you are pleased with the quality of Impryl. Maintaining the quality of the product together with a reduction in size and film coating has, so far, proved impractical. However, we hope you won’t mind breaking the tablets in half if you are having difficulty swallowing them. This definitely makes it easier and will not compromise the effectiveness.

  84. Tom (verified owner)

    Product arrived in good time and order. the information team have been great to help with any supplementary information we asked for

  85. David (verified owner)

    I have been taking these for the lead up to IVF but because of COVID-19 I haven’t had treatment just yet but have continued to take these so will hopefully see the results very soon

  86. Karen (verified owner)

    Very speedy delivery was recommended by consultant been taking them 3 months now 🙂

  87. Rachel (verified owner)

    Prompt service and clear website.

  88. Amy (verified owner)

    The only thing I can say is thank you, this has given us hope again that having children is possible!

  89. Philippa (verified owner)

    Fertility family delivered these within 24 hours which was perfect as I wanted to start taking them as soon as possible. Exceptional service.

  90. Gregory (verified owner)

    Quality product with a good range of minerals and vitamins. The one point of improvement is the format of tablets as they are quite large and not coated which can make them hard to swallow.

    • Fertility Family (verified owner)

      We are delighted that you are pleased with the quality of Impryl. Maintaining the quality of the product together with a reduction in size and film coating has, so far, proved impractical. However, we hope you won’t mind breaking the tablets in half if you are having difficulty swallowing them. This definitely makes it easier and will not compromise the effectiveness.

  91. Dannielle (verified owner)

    My husband has been using this product for 7 months now, with recommendation from our fertility doctors. Unfortunately, we are yet to conceive but we have been continuing this medication, (the problem is me, but we want him to have super sperm 😂) although a bit pricey at £45 per month (we never want to buy I’m bulk incase we then get pregnant and have no need to take the rest), but it’s a price I am willing to pay for the hoped outcome!

    • Fertility Family (verified owner)

      There are a number of factors causing fertility issues and sperm quality should not be overlooked. Standard sperm tests focus on quantity, motility and morphology but do not test for DNA fragmentation. You can read more about this on our website However we discourage taking strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, CoQ10, Vitamin A and Carotenoids when using Impryl. These substances may induce ‘reductive stress’ that can upset the fine metabolic balance Impryl achieves to optimise your chances of pregnancy. So hopefully, your husband is not taking any of these. You may also wish to consider that the action of Impryl supports a healthy pregnancy, so you could use any remaining Impryl to support a pregnancy.

  92. Katie

    Sperm quality much improved since taking impryl. Took for over three months prior to icsi treatment and embryologist couldn’t believe the difference.

  93. Rebecca

    Increase in husbands motility from 22% to 70%

  94. Laura

    Only been taking it for 1 month, so far have seen significant improvement – from 1M to 13M – will continue to monitor monthly.

  95. Jennifer

    We started using Impryl prior to IVF treatment, we were informed these made a significant difference with my partners sperm count. Unfortunately our 1st cycle failed and we plan to start our next cycle soon and have continued with Impryl during this time.

  96. Nicholas

    After taking an initial Sperm Comet test as advised from my consultant, the results where not ideal, he then recommended on taking Impryl as a daily supplement. After 3 months of taking Impryl I had a Comet retest and there was a massive improvement in DNS fragmentation, with he quality of sperm rising from initial 39 to 80%, IVF treatment to start next month

  97. Peter

    Improved sperm dna fragmentation by 20%

  98. Emma

    Firstly I couldn’t recommend Impryl enough! A good friend recommended it to me after opening up about my fertility journey. In the last year alone, I had suffered 4 miscarriages. We had been trying for two years the first year not falling at all and the second we couldn’t seem to keep the baby. After trying all the usual pregnancy vitamins, holistic treatments nothing was helping. My friend had explained how Impryl worked and I just looked it up myself and thought why not I’ve tried everything else. I kid you not, it says give it 3 months to let it build up in your system…the day after that three months we conceived! finding out a month later that we where expecting our first baby, weeks on everything was just as it should be. I honestly, hand on heart don’t believe we would have fell pregnant so quickly and had such a strong baby without Impryl. We religiously took it at the same time each day and I couldn’t be more grateful to my friend or our now Impryl family. I am now 19 weeks pregnant and thankful that long heartbreaking journey has got me here. Good Luck x

  99. Krunal

    too early to say as it is only a month since I started. feel better with this though

  100. Adenike

    We started using Impryl about 6 months ago. We are yet to conceive but are hopeful something positive will happen soon. Husband notices more energy

  101. Zoe

    Very speedy delivery, still trying to conceive

  102. Lauren

    I feel well while taking impryl. I was advised to take it by my fertility doctor. I have been taking it for 5 months but have not conceived. The customer service has been really good..

  103. Nina

    I experienced better, more stable cycles. I am using them for the process of egg freezing and hopefully the egg quality will be good

  104. Klara

    We are still taking Impryl. No positive results yet.

  105. Steven

    Not yet conseive after one month but big improvements on sex drive

  106. Ryzheva

    After 3 months my husband was taking impryl , i conceived. Now i am 21 weeks pregnant.

  107. Lisa

    Customer service have been great, always at the end of the phone with advice should you need them. We have not conceived as of yet , but have some sperm in storage which was produced after taking Impryl , and we are due to start treatment soon.

  108. Elisha

    My husband took Impryl 6 months before our IVF cycle due to high DNA fragmentation. We did experience a very good result and ended up with 7 embryos, of which we are now currently pregnant and we believe that Impryl helped to improve his DNA frag results

  109. Ryzheva

    After 3 months my husband was taking impryl , i conceived. Now i am 21 weeks pregnant.

  110. Emile

    Slight improvement in sperm count. Tablets very large to swallow and not smooth coated.

  111. James

    After 4 months of using Impryl my sperm quality has improved significantly following regular tests with our fertility specialist. While I undertook other lifestyle changes, I think Impryl has probably played a role in this. I will continue to use this until we become pregnant.

  112. Elliott

    My wife and I noticed changes in our nails and hair growth which is never a bad sign, we are yet to fall pregnant after months of trying but believe Impryl has the right qualities to equip our bodies to facilitate this

  113. Leanne

    My partner took these as recommended by fertility consultant due to morphology issues, after taking his morphology improved to within the normal range and we successfully conceived on first round of IVF

  114. Joanne

    Took for 5 months and then conceived naturally

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