Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan

With over four decades of expertise in reproductive health and pharmaceuticals, Terry Sullivan, our Founder and Managing Director, has been part of the Fertility landscape since before IVF became a clinical service. With a strong scientific background, including a degree in chemistry, he has developed an impressive knowledge of the clinical and scientific aspects of reproductive medicine, which, together with his business and entrepreneurial skills makes him almost unique in this therapeutic area.

Having excellent relationships with leading specialists, Terry has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of fertility treatment in the UK, championing awareness and educational initiatives and campaigning for NHS funding.

In the year 2000, Terry founded a UK pharmaceutical company to provide high tech drugs for IVF and a service to deliver them to patients’ homes. Family has always been extremely important to Terry and, being lucky enough to have four children, his passion to help the one in six couples struggling to have a family continues. After 22 years of successful growth, Terry divested the pharmaceutical company to found Health Medica and Fertility Family; following the principles of developing products with good scientific and clinical evidence, ensuring the company is grounded in the belief that care for individuals is paramount—whether it's the team members, their families, or our valued customers. Every aspect of Fertility Family’s operations aligns with this principle, reflecting unwavering commitment to people and their well-being.

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