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Mikala's story

Jun 15th, 2023 in Impryl®

We were recommended Impryl tablets after not falling pregnant naturally. We found out the night before our IVF scan that we were pregnant. We honestly believe Impryl helped us to fall pregnant.

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Myself and my partner began trying for our first child in April 2021. I have had an ectopic pregnancy in the past so we both knew trying might be a struggle.

We were referred to the fertility clinic in February 2022 and began the investigations into why we weren’t falling pregnant naturally. The option was discussed about IVF and we had our first scan booked to start the process in September 2022.

In the meanwhile, we were recommended Impryl tablets for us both to take in July. We started taking them ASAP and found out the night before our IVF scan that we were pregnant.

We honestly believe Impryl helped us to fall pregnant, without a doubt. I am now in my third trimester and the counting to my due date is in full swing!

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My friend recommended inofolic which I was on for a few months then changed to inofolic alpha and I fell pregnant after about a month!
Apr 22nd, 2024


I'm so grateful to the doctor for recommending Impryl to me and if we try for another in the future, I will definitely be taking these from the start.
Mar 5th, 2024


Since taking Inofolic Alpha I have started to see that I’ve been ovulating, and I’ve been coming on my period on time.
Jan 31st, 2024


I cannot thank fertility family enough for these amazing products I truly believe that without taking both Inofolic Alpha and Impryl our son would not be here today. I have since recommended these products and again they have worked for our close friends too. 
Dec 20th, 2023


Once I started taking Inofolic Alpha, my period started within 2 weeks and then I had 2 periods in the following 2 months and was very impressed but then they stopped again. A few weeks later I woke feeling nauseous and I took a pregnancy test.. I had fallen pregnant naturally, for the first time in 8 years!
Dec 20th, 2023