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Louise's story

May 23rd, 2022 in Inofolic® Alpha

After 12 years on the contraceptive pill, I had never suspected to have PCOS until I stopped.

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After 12 years on the contraceptive pill, I had never suspected to have PCOS until I stopped and started developing acne, irregular and painful periods – sometimes not having one for several months at a time. I can say having endured these symptoms for over a year, within a matter of weeks of taking Inofolic Alpha, I have started noticing a difference. My periods have returned and my acne is slowly subsiding, I feel fantastic.

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My friend recommended inofolic which I was on for a few months then changed to inofolic alpha and I fell pregnant after about a month!
Apr 22nd, 2024


I'm so grateful to the doctor for recommending Impryl to me and if we try for another in the future, I will definitely be taking these from the start.
Mar 5th, 2024


Since taking Inofolic Alpha I have started to see that I’ve been ovulating, and I’ve been coming on my period on time.
Jan 31st, 2024


I cannot thank fertility family enough for these amazing products I truly believe that without taking both Inofolic Alpha and Impryl our son would not be here today. I have since recommended these products and again they have worked for our close friends too. 
Dec 20th, 2023


Once I started taking Inofolic Alpha, my period started within 2 weeks and then I had 2 periods in the following 2 months and was very impressed but then they stopped again. A few weeks later I woke feeling nauseous and I took a pregnancy test.. I had fallen pregnant naturally, for the first time in 8 years!
Dec 20th, 2023