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Abi's story

May 23rd, 2022 in Inofolic® Alpha

My PCOS was a daily struggle; bad skin, crazy irregular cycle between 32-92 days, when my period came it was horrendous and mood swings.

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After years of trying all methods of my own and going to the GP and getting no where, I decided to get help privately. We had been trying for a baby for almost three years and nothing. My PCOS was a daily struggle; bad skin, crazy irregular cycle between 32-92 days, when my period came it was horrendous and mood swings. I was diagnosed with PCOS via ultrasound by the NHS (it took a lot to get a scan). After which, I was told my BMI was on the higher side of healthy so I should get more active and eat well – that was the extent of my help.

I had been doing daily ovulation tests for 2 years which were always negative and the occasional progesterone blood test with a private company, which was also negative. It felt like it would never happen for me. I decided to invest in my health and my future family and had a consultation with Kate. After my first consultation, I had more support, help and understanding than the NHS had ever provided. I finally felt there was hope. On top of keeping active, Kate discussed the types of foods to avoid and which ones would help me. Making just these simple changes to my diet really helped, I was less bloated and my moods felt better. She talked me through how to track my cycles better using basal body temperatures. Kate also suggested trying the Inofolic Alpha.

At first I was skeptical that a powder, mixed with some water would help, but my goodness, it was a God send. Kate told me that it’s not an instant fix and so persevered. Three months after starting the Inofolic Alpha, I had my first positive ovulation test – I was elated. To add to this, imagine my surprise and joy when I had my first positive pregnancy test just two weeks after! I am convinced that it was the Inofolic Alpha which helped me ovulate as everything else I tried failed. Now, I have a happy baby boy who is almost 9 months old. I cannot describe my gratitude for Kate and her in-depth knowledge. She made me feel at ease and less worried about it all. If the time comes in which I want to try for another baby, I will without a doubt be using the Inofolic Alpha again and if needed, I will absolutely use Kate’s services. Thank you so so much!

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My friend recommended inofolic which I was on for a few months then changed to inofolic alpha and I fell pregnant after about a month!
Apr 22nd, 2024


I'm so grateful to the doctor for recommending Impryl to me and if we try for another in the future, I will definitely be taking these from the start.
Mar 5th, 2024


Since taking Inofolic Alpha I have started to see that I’ve been ovulating, and I’ve been coming on my period on time.
Jan 31st, 2024


I cannot thank fertility family enough for these amazing products I truly believe that without taking both Inofolic Alpha and Impryl our son would not be here today. I have since recommended these products and again they have worked for our close friends too. 
Dec 20th, 2023


Once I started taking Inofolic Alpha, my period started within 2 weeks and then I had 2 periods in the following 2 months and was very impressed but then they stopped again. A few weeks later I woke feeling nauseous and I took a pregnancy test.. I had fallen pregnant naturally, for the first time in 8 years!
Dec 20th, 2023