I started taking Inofolic Alpha after a recommendation from my gynaecologist… after 3 years of trying to conceive

We now have a beautiful 7 month old daughter. Worked for me! – Nicola

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Inofolic® Alpha for Women for Life

Inofolic® Alpha

(582 Customer Reviews)

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The PCOS supplement for women

Daily dose: 2 sachets per day
For the best chance of success, take Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months

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Restores ovulation in 95% of PCOS women

Doctor Recommended

Doctor recommended by fertility specialists across the UK.

Unique Formulation

Unique Formulation with alpha-lactalbumin to improve effectiveness.

Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven to restore ovulation by 95% in PCOS women.

Evidence Based

Evidence Based formula, proven to alleviate the effects of PCOS.

Success stories

(582 Customer Reviews)

What is Inofolic Alpha?

Inofolic® Alpha is the only supplement that is proven to restore ovulation in 95% of women after 3 months. Inofolic Alpha also helps alleviate many of the common PCOS symptoms and originates from natural sources with little or no side effects versus prescription medication. With over 70 published clinical studies, Inofolic® is the gold standard in PCOS treatment. Find out more about how Inofolic® Alpha can help you.

Why Inofolic® Alpha is different…

Inofolic Alpha is a unique formulation that contains myo-inositol, folic acid and alpha-lactalbumin.

It works differently to other PCOS supplements by improving the intestinal absorption of myo-inositol in PCOS women to improve ovulation, reduce insulin resistance and normalise hormone levels. In addition, alpha-lactalbumin contributes to egg quality and reduces inflammation.

After taking Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months, 95% of women have restored ovulation.

Inofolic Alpha doesn’t just improve fertility it can treat all aspects of PCOS.

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