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How can Impryl help women trying to conceive?

Impryl is designed to give optimal metabolic balance to improve the quality of the egg, it does this by supporting the body’s metabolism. Impryl has been shown to increase pregnancies by offering three main benefits: Bolstered natural antioxidant defences Energy support Optimised gene expression To read more about this please visit:

How can Impryl help men trying to conceive?

The nutritional supplements found in Impryl are especially important for men when ttc. Standard sperm tests focus on quantity, motility and morphology but do not test for DNA fragmentation (sperm with oxidative damage).
DNA fragmentation is the ‘snipping up’ of DNA in the sperm head, which can contribute towards difficulties in conceiving and/or miscarriage. Often men take strong antioxidants to combat DNA fragmentation, but these substances may induce ‘reductive stress’ which can cause DNA de-condensation,which is the unravelling of the DNA in the sperm head, meaning that conception is not possible at all.Please click on the link for more informatiom;

Do I need a prescription for Impryl?

No, Impryl is a dietary supplement and does not require a medical prescription. However, if you are suffering from known fertility problems, and particularly if you are under specialist care, we suggest you discuss the matter with your doctor.

It is safe to take Impryl alongside Inofolic Alpha to support fertility in women with PCOS?

Yes. The two supplements work on different areas of fertility and will not interfere with each other. Although both products contain folate/folic acid, the combined folate dose is within normal guidelines. Check with your GP for the appropriate daily amount of folic acid for you.


What are the ingredients in one tablet of Impryl?

Each tablet of Impryl contains: 200 mg Betaine, 200 mg L-cystine, 16mg Niacin, 10 mg Zinc, 1.4 mg Vitamin B6, 1.4 mg Riboflavin, 400 mcg Folic acid (5MTHF – glucosamine), 2.5 mcg Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin).

It is recommended to take one tablet per day

How do you take Impryl?

Impryl is a tablet that can be taken with water. If needed it is easy to break in half. Alternatively, the tablet can be crushed and mixed with food or a smoothie and will still be effective. We advise that you do so at approximately the same time every day.

Do I have to take Impryl everyday? What if I miss a dose?

Impryl is a nutritional supplement to be taken as part of a well-balanced diet. Skipping a dose does not constitute a problem but should it happen, just continue your dosing as scheduled. Should you forget several doses, just resume your normal pattern as soon as possible. Taking larger doses at one time would not compensate for previously skipped doses. Be aware that forgetting to take Impryl over a long period may reduce your overall benefit.

Is Impryl allergen free


Is Impryl suitable for vegans?


Who should take Impryl?

Impryl is recommended for all men and women who are attempting to conceive, whether or not they have known fertility problems. Please click on the link for more information;

Will Impryl help me with trying to conceive?

Evidence shows that Impryl increases the chance of becoming pregnant.

How long should I take Impryl?

Both women and men wanting to optimise their fertility should take Impryl for at least three months prior to natural conception or assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF.

How long will it take Impryl to work?

The clinical studies for Impryl show that for the best results you should take Impryl for at least 3 months. This is to give the body’s metabolism time to adjust and provide the optimal balance to improve the quality of the sperm and egg. It is worth noting that sperm take approximately 70 days and eggs between 90-120 days to develop and grow.

How much Impryl should I take?

The dose for Impryl is one tablet per day.

Should I take Impryl with other nutritional supplements? CoQ10, Vitatmin C, Selenium etc.

We strongly discourage taking Impryl alongside strong direct antioxidants such as vitamin C, CoQ10, selenium and so on. These substances may induce ‘reductive stress’ that may negate the benefit of Impryl. Strong antioxidants have limited evidence to show an improvement in live birth rates. Impryl enables your body to provide all the natural antioxidant support you need.It is Ok to take vitamin D, Inofolic Alpha and omega 3 fatty acids alongside Impryl. Please click on the link for more information;

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