Impryl FAQs

How does Impryl work?

More than 25% of people are unaware that they cannot convert some essential micronutrients into the active form. Impryl’s micronutrients are already in an active form, and can , therefore, be beneficial to everyone.

Impryl® provides balanced metabolic support to the sperm/egg, helping them to achieve enhanced natural antioxidant defences, high energy production and normal gene expression, all of which are essential for producing the good quality sperm/eggs needed to create a baby. As the micronutrients in Impryl are activated, even the 25% of us who cannot convert certain micronutrients to the activated form can benefit.

Impryalso supports gene expression by providing Betaine.

Who should take Impryl?

Impryl is recommended for all men and women who are attempting to conceive, whether or not they have known fertility problems. Environmental stress and modern lifestyles can negatively affect gametes (sperm or eggs) and therefore, it is essential that we all have balanced metabolic support.

Will Impryl help me with trying to conceive?

Impryl supplements can help both men and women. The nutritional supplements found in Impryl are especially important for men with sperm that has oxidative damage called DNA fragmentation.  This is not routinely tested for but is frequently present, especially in sperm where routine semen analysis is abnormal. Sperm DNA fragmentation is associated with infertility and early miscarriage.  Often men take strong antioxidants, but these products can cause reductive stress leading to a condition called sperm decondensation.  Men with a sperm DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) and/or Sperm Decondensation Index (SDI) higher than 20% have a reduced chance of conceiving. A long course of Impryl can help.

Clinical data shows that males who are resistant to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) may achieve a pregnancy if their DFI and/or SDI is reduced after treatment with the micronutrients in Impryl.

The nutrients in Impyl are also particularly promising for women considered to have an advanced reproductive age who are particularly susceptible to oxidative damage, and in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

How long should I take Impryl?

Both women and men wanting to optimise their fertility should take Impryl for at least three months and coninue until conception. Women should continue taking it as Impryl can help support through each stage of the pregnancy.

What are the effects of Impryl on the general health and well-being?

Impryl is a nutritional supplement that delivers a balanced amount of nutrients that your body needs to help improve fertility. If your diet lacks these particular nutrients, your body will absorb them from Impryl. If they are not needed, you are simply adding beneficial nutrients into your diet.

How much Impryl should I take?

The stated dose of Impryl is one tablet per day. This delivers a balanced amount of the active ingredients which correspond to what you would receive from an otherwise balanced diet.

How should I take Impryl?

The Impryl tablet should be swallowed with water. This can be done at any time during the day, but we advise that you do so at the same time every day so that it becomes a routine action and you receive regular metabolic support.

If possible, the tablet should be taken between meals to improve absorption.

What should I do if I forget to take Impryl?

Impryl is a nutritional supplement to be taken as part of a well-balanced diet. Skipping a dose does not constitute a problem but should it happen, just continue your dosing as scheduled. Should you forget several doses, just resume your normal pattern as soon as possible. Taking larger doses at one time would not compensate for previously skipped doses.

Be aware that forgetting to take Impryl over a long period may reduce your benefit from the treatment.

Shall I take Impryl together with other nutritional supplements?

Impryl enables your body to provide all the natural antioxidant support you need.

We strongly discourage taking Impryl alongside strong direct antioxidants such as vitamin C, CoQ10, selenium and so on. These substances may induce ‘reductive stress’ that may negate the benefit of Impryl. Strong antioxidants have been shown to cause an increase of the sperm decondensation index (SDI), which is very bad for male fertility.

Do I need a prescription for Impryl?

Impryl is a dietary supplement and does not require a medical prescription. However, if you are suffering from known fertility problems, and particularly if you are under specialist care, we suggest you discuss the matter with your doctor.

Are there any side-effects?

At the recommended dose of 1 tablet per day, there are no known side-effects.

What does Impryl look like?

Impryl is a coated tablet that is packaged in a blister pack for protection. Each box contains 2 blister packs containing 15 tablets each: a total of 30 tablets.

What are the active ingredients in Impryl?

Impryl contains all the substances needed to activate the two main metabolic pathways supporting cell metabolism: the transsulphuration pathway leading to the synthesis of glutathione (GSH), the universal cellular antioxidant, and the one carbon cycle – the main process sustaining cellular growth and differentiation.

I have a query about my order, can you help?

We try very hard to make it easy for you to place your order so any questions you may have about delivery, cancellations & returns are covered HERE.