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The PCOS supplement for women for life

  • Clinically proven to restore ovulation by 95% in PCOS women
  • Clinically proven to help alleviate the effects of PCOS
  • Unique formulation with alpha-lactalbumin
  • Recommended by UK fertility specialists

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The conception supplement for both men and women

  • Boost your chances of conception, clinically proven to increase pregnancy rates by 85%
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  • Unique formulation with activated micro-nutrients
  • Recommended by UK fertility specialists
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You may have been trying to get pregnant for a while, you may need help trying to conceive, you may be going through fertility treatment and want to increase your chances of getting pregnant or you may have only just decided that you want to get pregnant. Whatever the case, we provide information and products that can help increase your chances of having a baby. Inofolic Alpha and Impryl are fertility supplements that focus on ensuring that both the sperm and the egg are of optimal quality, so that you are more likely to conceive, and your body remains in optimum condition to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Fertility Family is here to provide information to help people wanting to build their own family.

‘Why can’t I get pregnant?’

You might be surprised to know that human beings are not very fertile, for those trying naturally there is a 1 in 4 chance of conceiving each time they try and by the time a women is in her mid-thirties the chances drop to 1 in 8. There are several processes involved to create the optimal environment for pregnancy. First and foremost, the woman needs to ovulate and produce good quality eggs and the man needs to produce good quality sperm. Then the egg and sperm must meet in the woman’s reproductive tract, fertilise, form an embryo and implant in the receptive lining of the uterus. With such sophisticated and complex processes, it is not surprising that many couples are struggling to get pregnant.

‘What causes infertility?’

There are many reasons why so many of us have difficulties with fertility. With 1 in 6 couples needing medical help to get pregnant and the causes of infertility being almost equally spread between men and women, Yes 50:50 – it’s important to understand what factors can impact your fertility. Aside from any obvious medical health problems, lifestyle choices, environmental factors, diet and age can affect the chances of getting pregnant. For example, fertility in women starts to drop after reaching 35 this is because the age of the egg is a critical factor in achieving pregnancy. Women with PCOS often have difficulty ovulating and women with endometriosis can also have problems conceiving. Epidemiological studies have shown environmental factors have played a part in sperm counts dropping over the last 50 years and this trend continues. Even men with a ‘normal’ sperm counts can have other problems such as DNA fragmentation, which can cause infertility and increase the incidence of miscarriage.

Boost your chances of having a baby

Conception starts with the quality of the sperm and the egg. The best way to support your sperm (smallest cell in the body) and egg (largest cell in the body) is by creating a balanced metabolism at a cellular level – and this is exactly how Impryl® works. The activated micronutrients in Impryl®  bring your body into a fine metabolic balance, allowing your body’s own natural antioxidant, glutathione, to optimise both egg and sperm quality at the developmental phase and so increase your chances of having a baby. There are not many fertility supplements that provide this unique type of support with proven clinical effectiveness. Most fertility supplements provide unbalanced support: in other words, they focus upon the benefit of one ingredient over others.  Many contain strong antioxidants that can upset this important metabolic balance, damaging sperm and egg quality. But Impryl® is different. Find out more about how Impryl® can help you.

Do you have PCOS? 

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) affects 1 in 10 women in the UK and can have a significant effect on women’s fertility, either through irregular/ absent periods or impacting ovulation, with only 20% of PCOS women ovulating each month, even if they have regular periods. In addition, women with PCOS are more likely to have poorer egg quality, which may be a result of overexposure to male hormones such as testosterone. Inofolic® Alpha is the only supplement that is proven to restore ovulation in 95% of women after 3 months. Inofolic Alpha also helps alleviate many of the common PCOS symptoms and originates from natural sources with little or no side effects versus prescription medication. With over 70 published clinical studies, Inofolic® is the gold standard in PCOS treatment. Find out more about how Inofolic® Alpha can help you. Fertility Family is part of Health Medica, a UK healthcare company. Our range of high quality products is recommended by fertility specialists across the UK to increase your chances of having a baby. Read more about us.

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