What is Inofolic®Alpha?

Inofolic Alpha is a unique formulation that helps alleviate the effects of PCOS and improves fertility.

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Inofolic Alpha Sachet Ingredients

Inofolic Alpha contains myo-inositol, alpha-lactalbumin (whey milk protein) and folic acid, making it 52% more effective than myo-inositol alone.

The unique Inofolic Alpha 3-way combination helps control:

  1. Insulin resistance, which affects 65-80% of PCOS women. This is the primary cause of increased male hormones, which negatively impact fertility.
  2. Microbes in the gut. Women with PCOS have a different balance of gut bacteria that can reduce the absorption of nutrients, including myo-inositol. Improved absorption of myo-inositol can help better control insulin levels and hormone balance.
  3. Chronic inflammation, which is a key contributor to the development of PCOS. If you have high inflammation markers it is likely that you will have higher testosterone levels.

Only Inofolic Alpha helps women with PCOS to ovulate whilst reducing insulin resistance and chronic inflammation.
The Myo-inositol (Myo) + Alpha-lactalbumin (α –Lac) in Inofolic Alpha work together:

genetic and enviromental factors

Alpha-lactalbumin – the added extra that makes the difference.

Alpha-lactalbumin is a protein that can improve the essential absorption of myo-inositol – an issue for 35 – 40% of women with PCOS in clinical trials. Alpha-lactalbumin also rebalances the microbes in the gut: reducing chronic inflammation and decreasing blood glucose levels, AND, reducing the severity of PCOS.

Combining alpha-lactalbumin and myo-inositol makes Inofolic Alpha different and 52% more effective than myo-inositol alone.

  • Improve your ovulation rate
  • Improved the quality of oocytes
  • Improve insulin resistance
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve how your body absorbs myo-inositol
  • Rebalance your hormones

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