The fertility supplement for both men and women

Impryl®: A balanced combination of micronutrients

Impryl® comes in tablet form: it is made from activated micronutrients that help every cell within the human body, from the biggest (eggs) to the smallest (sperm).

These micronutrients have been clinically proven to significantly improve live birth rates for men and women who had previously been struggling to get pregnant.

Having activated micronutrients means they are already in the form your body can use, without them needing to be converted into an active form. About 25% of all people are unable to make this conversion, although they are probably unaware of it, so this is an important factor.

The unique Impryl® formula works by delivering balanced support to your metabolism, essential to ensure it is optimal for fertility and for the healthy growth of your baby.

You will receive three distinct benefits to your health, all of which have an important influence on fertility. To learn more, click on each benefit.

  1. Bolstered natural antioxidant defences
  2. Energy support
  3. Optimised gene expression



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