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Impryl®: Optimises fertility

Impryl® is unique as it provides balanced support to your metabolism. This is essential to ensure that you are at your optimum fertility level.

This metabolic support delivers three distinct benefits to you:

1. Antioxidant Defence

What is Antioxidant Defence?

Naturally-produced antioxidants prevent stress within your cells and help to maintain an optimal metabolic balance. There are two types of stress that your cells can experience: oxidative stress and reductive stress.

Oxidative stress is a harmful process caused when Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), the waste toxins produced naturally, are not removed from the cells. This can damage both sperm and eggs resulting in DNA fragmentation. Often, people take supplements to correct this problem, however, these supplements frequently contain strong antioxidants, which in men, can cause another problem called DNA decondensation.

How does Impryl help to conceive

What does this have to do with having a baby?

When DNA fragmentation or DNA decondensation occurs within our reproductive cells, it reduces the chances of a couple achieving a healthy pregnancy and increases the chances of miscarriage.

How does Impryl® help?

Impryl contains activated micronutrients that help your body to produce Glutathione (GSH), the body’s natural antioxidant, and ensures that GSH is produced only when and where it is required, thus delivering balanced support. The micronutrients within Impryl are proven to help prevent both DNA fragmentation and DNA decondensation.

2. Energy Support

What is Energy Support?

Every cell contains at least one powerhouse, these are called mitochondria, which produce all the energy the cell needs to function. Producing energy creates waste toxins as a by-product, these are called ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).

The cell needs an antioxidant to remove this waste – in our bodies, this natural antioxidant is called Glutathione (GSH) and it can be found within each cell. Without GSH, the cell cannot successfully neutralise these toxins, which will slow down energy production and eventually cause the cells to die. However, when GSH is present, the cell can produce a lot of energy, without slowing down, as the toxins are being removed.

How does Impryl help to conceive

Think about how the engine of your car produces power but also waste. The car uses a catalytic converter to ensure that toxins are not released into the surrounding environment. This is similar to the mitochondria (the engine) in a cell producing energy and waste. The GSH (the catalytic converter) removes the waste before it can be released into the rest of the cell (the environment) and do damage.

What does this have to do with having a baby?

Your body needs lots of energy to develop healthy eggs and sperm, to support fertilisation and your ongoing pregnancy. Any toxins produced by generating this energy need to be removed efficiently.

How does Impryl help?

Impryl provides the right amount of micronutrients to enable you to produce enough GSH, your body’s natural antioxidant. GSH is vital to keep your cells healthy and producing the optimum energy output.

GSH can only be produced by your body – it is not possible to “take” GSH within supplements as your digestive system will break it down.

3. Optimised gene expression, also known as Epigenetics

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics describes how your genes are expressed. Normally your DNA does not change throughout your life but how your genes show or “express” themselves does change.

Think about how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly – the DNA inside the creature does not change but different genes are expressed throughout its lifespan.

Problems with gene expression can cause various genetic diseases.


What does this have to do with having a baby?

For optimal gene expression, a process called methylation needs to take place within the body on a regular basis. Methylation is essential to create healthy egg and sperm cells, to develop healthy embryos and is essential to sustain pregnancy.

How does Impryl® help?

Impryl® contains critical nutrients which enable the cells to methylate genes. This ensures that the correct genes are expressed, which in turn gives us optimal egg and sperm cells.

Epigenetics contribute to gene expression needed to help the development of the embryo, making Impryl® an ideal fertility supplement for females and male fertility supplement.

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