The fertility supplement for both men and women

Impryl®: clinically proven to help deliver a healthy pregnancy

 The micronutrients in Impryl® have shown significant live birth outcomes in clinical studies.

Clinical studies compare the effect of one product or procedure in one group of patients against another group that do not receive that product or procedure.  These studies are carefully controlled and the groups of patients are matched in terms of age, symptoms, etc.  Conducting these trials is the only way to confidently establish the effectiveness of a specific product.

Clinical evidence of the impact of Imrpyl’s micronutrients on male fertility

Clinical data from multiple studies proves that men suffering from fertility problems are twice as likely to father a child when taking the active micronutrients in Impryl®.


Clinical evidence of the impact of Impryl’s micronutrients on female fertility

The data from our study proves that women suffering from fertility problems are almost four times as likely to have a baby when taking the micronutrients in Impryl.



A study of women with a history of 3-7 years of infertility and low serum levels of AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone) showed the micronutrients within Impryl increases AMH by over 40%. AMH is a strong marker for a good metabolic and endocrine environment within the ovary. A number of patients became pregnant whilst taking Impryl during the trial, previously it was thought that the only way for these women to get pregnant was through donated eggs.


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