PCOS supplement for Women for Life

Restores ovulation in 95% of PCOS women

Unique Formulation

Unique Formulation. Inofolic Alpha’s unique formulation with alpha-lactalbumin.

Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven. Clinically proven to restore ovulation by 95% in PCOS women.

Evidence Based

Evidence Based. Based on good science to alleviate the effects of PCOS.

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended. Recommended by UK fertility specialists.

Inofolic® Alpha

From £27 – £34 per month

The PCOS supplement for women

Daily dose: 2 sachets per day
For the best chance of success, take Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months

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2 sachets

For the best chance of success, you should take Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months

3 months supply (180 sachets) save £12
6 months supply (360 sachets) save £42

Why Inofolic® Alpha is different…

Inofolic Alpha is a unique formulation that contains myo-inositol, folic acid and alpha-lactalbumin.

It works differently to other PCOS supplements by improving the intestinal absorption of myo-inositol in PCOS women to improve ovulation, reduced insulin resistance and normalise hormone levels. In addition, alpha-lactalbumin contributes to egg quality and reduces inflammation.

After taking Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months, 95% of women have restored ovulation.

Inofolic Alpha doesn’t just improve fertility it can treat all aspects of PCOS.

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