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Inofolic Alpha restores ovulation in women and improves egg quality.

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Inofolic Alpha Reviews

Just about a month of taking this and the unwanted facial & neck  hair I was sprouting has literally stopped! It’s the first time in years I’ve had no bristly bits on the bottom left of my chin!


Inofolic Alpha has greatly improved my acne, which I have been trying to keep at bay all my life. It also helps me with my menstrual  problems. I couldn’t do without it anymore.


My fertility journey has been a long one over the years with a diagnoses of PCOS. With a history of infertility I decided to take one last shot and try Inofolic Alpha along side Impryl, never did I think it would work for me but 4 months in taking the combination I found myself pregnant at 35 years old. I am now 22 weeks pregnant and looking forward to our arrival of baby early August. Thank you!


My partner and I had been TTC since March last year and I have a history of PCOS. I had started using ovulation test kits but would never see a surge so assumed I wasn’t ovulating. I was recommended Inofolic Alpha by a few colleagues and started taking it in June and finally after three months of use, I saw a smiley face on my ovulation test in August and tested positive in September!!! I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and couldn’t recommend this product enough! Thank you.

A very happy customer!

I honestly couldn’t recommend this product enough! For the past six years I haven't ovulated at all which has obviously been a struggle as my partner and I greatly want a child. I bought this product three months ago and for the first time in six years I had the big smiley face on my ovulation kit and I'm finally ovulating! Finally a glimmer of hope. The best money I've ever spent and will continue to spend .


I just wanted to thank you very much for your Inofolic Alpha. We were having such difficulty ovulating to get pregnant. Our doctor recommended trying Inofolic Alpha. I was diagnosed with PCOS and decided to give it a go. This morning is the 5th month taking Inofolic Alpha, I tested myself as I was feeling different to usual and I was pregnant. So this is just a miracle, and we will look to continue taking Inofolic Alpha throughout pregnancy. It’s an amazing product. Thank You.


We tried for 8.5 years to have our first child and she was an ivf miracle born in January 2020, we decided to try again from this month for baby number 2 so was recommended Inofolic Alpha. We started to take it in July for preparation and we are overjoyed that we have just got a positive pregnancy test never in a million years did I think we would get caught naturally and so quickly it’s looking like we will have two babies under 17 months! Absolutely over the moon and the best money I have spent! Thank you so much x


This is amazing it helped me get pregnant within 3 month’s despite my PCOS I recommend it for anyone trying for a baby.


My partner started taking this when our fertility doctor recommended it before starting treatment, and it successfully regulated her cycles after 4 months of use. We’re now expecting our first baby in 6 weeks times! Highly recommend.


Excellent product. Really helped regulate my cycles. Very effective.


Been on these for over a year. My period comes every month on time my ovulation bloods say I’m now ovulating so definitely working


Both times I’ve used this product I’ve gotten pregnant within the first two months. Highly recommend


I am pleased with this product, super-fast delivery and seeing positive changes…it is worth every penny spent.


I was used to taking this supplement since I was back in Italy and I can confirm that this has improved my symptoms of PCOS such as less acne and more regular period. There is a lot of scientific research confirming the positive effect of this supplement for women with PCOS.


I never usually write reviews, but I wanted to write this one (as someone who is trying to conceive and looking for information).   I was having a few anovulatory cycles since coming off the pill. I’ve now taken this product for a few months and I’ve been ovulating every month. I don’t know if my body would have done this anyway but…who cares!   Great product, quick delivery too.


This has been an amazing product. Having pcos I knew it could take a while to get pregnant after 6 years of trying I took this product and that month fell pregnant. I now have only been taking the supplements for half a month and found it worked well enough to fall pregnant again. I wish I tried this earlier and didn’t go for the prescription medication that was recommended.


Bought this after a recommendation from my gyno when my periods started becoming irregular again due to my PCOS.   A month later to my surprise I was pregnant, no joke! Although I was so surprised, I was also over the moon, particularly as I was always told I would most likely need a fertility specialist.   If you are not trying for a baby, make sure to use protection if using this to bring back regular cycles.


Ovulating regularly for the first time in my life. Not had a successful pregnancy yet but chances definitely increasing with regular periods.


I have bought this product to help with PCOS, I’ve taken this product before and it had helped me to conceive my son after 6 years of trying. So, trying again for my second child 🤞🏻


I was diagnosed with PCOS early 2018, the contraception prescribed had really bad side effects on me such as water retention which made me gain loads of weight. I still struggled with the symptoms of PCOS throughout the year after seeing no results I started using a form of Inositol and treat this condition the “natural” way but still saw little results although my ovulation got better. In 2019 I started using a form of inositol and folic acid which improved slightly my acne and weight, but this was combined with change of diet drastically and loads of exercise. In 2020 tired of still seeing little results I remembered that my GP back in 2018 recommended Inofolic as a natural alternative but I did not consider due to the price. In 2020 I purchased my first box of Inofolic and not only me but everyone around me noticed the results, my acne got a step better, hair growth too but I saw this mostly on my weight loss and cravings which reduced dramatically due to obviously my insulin resistance improvement but I still struggled with ovulation and periods being irregular, the first two month I used the old Inofolic version which did not include alpha-lactalbumin and I was a bit sad when I saw the product changed in around March/ April as I thought this new version would perhaps affect my progress. However, this was the opposite I am currently on my fourth month and I can say I lost even more weight (again combined with diet and exercises) and finally have got back to my natural size a 4 to 6 compared to the size 10 and 12 on my peak of PCOS. I’m back on 53kg compared to 72kg at my worst. I have no cystic acne at all I get normal break outs here and there but is more related to food and or sleep. My facial hair growth also has reduced but I am still trying to control this much more. As I said not only me but everyone around is shocked by seeing how I went back to my weight and I feel happy that I don’t have to starve myself, and being able to not hide away acne which I suffered for such a long time. I can totally recommend this product and I wished I started using it when my GP recommended it. As everything is about patient and adapting your lifestyle as well but you will notice results for sure and oh, I forgot most importantly since I used Inofolic Alpha now I am getting my period every month on the days is meant to so I can’t recommend this enough mostly this version is definitely improved. I am still long way to go but I feel so happy that I finally found something is helping me without the horrible side effects of contraception.


I am very pleased with Inofolic. It helps with my PCOS. My cycles have improved. Thank you.


I have been using this for over a month now and have noticed that my skin is improving, and nails are stronger. The product is always in excellent condition and delivery super quick. I can’t comment on conceiving yet as i have not taken it for the recommended 3 months just yet but am feeling hopeful from the reviews and that it is recommended by IVF and fertility clinics in the UK.


After a few months of taking my cycles returned to normal, a great result up in my system before we start IVF in a few months’ time.


I brought this product for myself for only one month I have seen improvement. It really restores my ovulation I can see the mucus on my ovulation day. I strongly recommend the product.


Really easy to take and no taste to speak of.


Was recommended this product by a friend of mine that also has PCOS and I am now on my second month of sachets. I have made some serious lifestyle changes which helped balance my hormones but something was still off so I thought I would give this a go. I recently started getting a bit of spotting every month around the time I should be having a proper period however after one month of taking these sachets I had the first proper period I have had in 5 years. I will definitely be sticking with this product as I feel like it is already making a difference and I would like to stick with it for a little longer to see if I notice any other changes.


I have been using this since being diagnosed with pcos. Its relieved symptoms that I didn’t even know were related to it. My skin is clearer, I have less mood swings and I feel more alert. Will definitely continue to use this. The customer service is also great. Product arrived within 2 days of ordering.


I love this product. I got pregnant within one month of starting it, on two different occasions. I will continue to use it always!


Great product recommended to me by GP and fertility consultant, have yet to conceive. Clear result within 3 months of using. Have been using this product for over two years now and will continue to do so as it helps with the pain from my PCOS


After reading how inositol can help with PCOS, I purchased this product in May 2020 and got my period after two weeks of taking it, and this happened after 4 months not having a period. This product + diet has helped me lose weight, acne has improved and is almost non-existent now, and my cycles are getting shorter. So happy with it and will totally recommend to anyone with PCOS. And lastly, the ordering process is so easy and quick delivery.


Taking it regularly, it’s definitely made a difference. Very happy!


It’s my 3rd month taking alpha Inofolic and I must say it has already regulated my cycle and I am hoping to get pregnant with the help of this medicine. The delivery is super-fast!!!


Been taking this product for 2 and half months now and it has hugely improved my acne and other symptoms of PCOS… I’m trying for a baby, so fingers crossed as this was recommended by my doctor 🙂.


Had trouble with my periods for a long time. I got recommended this by our consultant and was unsure about buying it at first as it’s expensive. But I wish I had done it sooner. Received so quickly and started taking straight away… just under a week of taking I came on my period. I hoping this continues and makes my cycle more regular then normal.


I have been taking Inofolic for the last 3 months and I’ve noticed the difference. My period comes exactly the same day every month. I couldn’t believe it as I always have an irregular period. My husband is taking Impryl too as this is recommended by the nurse in our clinic. This month I will be going for our first treatment for IVF. Getting excited now. I highly recommend this Inofolic as it work like a miracle.


I had been referred to this product by a private consultant. I hadn’t really got much good advice regarding PCOS from GPs and often made to feel like there is nothing you can do about it. However with Inofolic Alpha there really is, and as I want to get pregnant soon and do whatever I can do treat PCOS, this is a great solution I can use with confidence.


I’m not sure if I’m seeing much improvements with my PCOS but I did get pregnant after a month of using it, after nearly a year of trying.


This product was recommended by an influencer on Instagram who specialises in PCOS. I had to thank her because this has completely reversed my uncontrollable and heavy periods. At one point I would have a period every other month and when it did come it would last for weeks. After one month of taking this product my period came and it was significantly different, it went back to its normal flow, the length of time went back to what it was, and the cramps has subsided. I also believe it has helped with my insulin tolerance as the dark patches I use to have are lightening up and will hopefully disappear soon.


My cycles were out of whack-I’d had a 42 day cycle which was odd for me. I’d done an IVF cycle in 2016 and the Dr recommended this to me. So, I thought I’d give it a go again. I didn’t get much chance to see the difference in my cycle as I got pregnant! The packaging says to keep taking it through pregnancy, so that’s what I’ll do.


I started taking Inofolic to manage my PCOS symptoms. I was really struggling with headaches, acne, and sugar level issues. I’ve been taking Inofolic for over a year now and I couldn’t be without it! Including the fact that we decided to try for another baby, and it took only 2 months not 2 years like previous pregnancies. I really do and have recommended this product to friends who suffer from PCOS. It’s changed my life.


This product has really helped me with PCOS, as I used to have irregular periods with lots of spotting which nobody could understand even after keyhole surgeries. This product has regulated my period within the 1st month of taking, and spotting has disappeared. Delivery was fabulous as I received it the next day and was not expecting it to be so fast. I have recommended inofolic to others who have also begun using and are happy with it


Great product. I’ve been using for about 6 months alongside Metformin as I was recommended it by an IVF consultant. It has really helped regulate my periods.


I have been taking Inofolic (now Inofolic Alpha) for about 2 years now and have found that it has really helped with my PCOS symptoms. This was recommended by my doctor and I did ask why she would recommend a supplement which helps people who are trying to conceive. I was 20 at the time with no intention of starting a family anytime soon however she did say this will really help when you get to that point and to start working on your PCOS now- diet, exercise and taking Inofolic. Overall I have felt a great difference with my weight, my hirsutism as really calmed down and overall feel amazing 😊 P.s I also take a combined pill and will continue to take this supplement.


This was recommended to me by my consultant, it has regulated my cycle (irregular due to PCOS) after just one month of usage.


I’ve been taking this for four days and I’ve already started spotting. I have not had a menstrual cycle for 5 months. I think it’s worth a buy.


I was diagnosed with PCOS after many months and was recommended this product by a fertility specialist. I was completely unaware Inofolic was around so to be offered what seems a very simple solution came as a blessing. I’m always so impressed with how easy the process in ordering Inofolic is and the prompt delivery.After taking Inofolic for a few months I was completely elated to announce I was pregnant with my little boy. I will be using this product again, I have already recommended this product to others!


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