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Period Problems & Ovulation

If you are looking for an effective PCOS treatment, Inofolic Alpha normalises periods and boosts ovulation within 3 months by 95%.

Inofolic Alpha boosts ovulation

Many of those with PCOS can experience irregular ovulation or even no ovulation whatsoever, due to an imbalance of hormones within the body. For patients who experience difficulties with ovulation, the likelihood of a successful pregnancy is significantly reduced. Treatment with Inofolic Alpha has been shown to boost ovulation to 95% within 3 months. If you are using Inofolic Alpha to improve your symptoms but are not trying to conceive, you should use some form of contraception as a precaution.

Inofolic Alpha normalises periods

If you are not having any periods whilst suffering from PCOS then you are more at risk of endometrial cancer, which is actually the most commonly diagnosed uterine cancer. The hormone imbalances caused by PCOS can result in abnormal amounts of oestrogen which can be a risk if the levels of progesterone are too low. When these progesterone levels are too low and patients stop having periods the endometrium can become very thick and the cells can become altered. This can cause a precancerous condition known as endometrial hyperplasia which can lead to cancer developing. When treated with Inofolic Alpha, patients would expect to experience more regular periods, helping to reduce this risk.

You should consult your Doctor for further treatment and lifestyle advice if you are not having periods.

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