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PCOS & Weight Loss

Almost 50% of women with PCOS also have the metabolic syndrome, this is a variety of symptoms and can cause women to gain weight most commonly in the abdominal area.

Excess weight gain can be one of the many physical symptoms of PCOS. The micro-nutrients in Inofolic Alpha have proven effectiveness.

Many women with PCOS are also resistant to insulin and this may cause excessive weight gain.

Insulin resistance reduces the ability of cells to process glucose normally, resulting in an accumulation of glucose in the blood (hyperglycaemia). The body compensates by secreting more insulin, resulting in elevated levels of insulin. This can lead to weight gain, and the excess fat causes the body to produce even more insulin which can make the symptoms worse. A vicious circle can result so it’s important to try to minimise weight gain.

Inofolic has shown a 6% weight loss, over 6 months, this is exceptional in metabolic syndrome patients. When treated with Inofolic Alpha, patients would expect equivalent or better efficacy.

  • Many women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have difficulty controlling their weight
  • In a variety of studies, the micro-nutrients in Inofolic has been shown to help
  • Combining Inofolic Alpha and lifestyle changes is recommended and produces a more beneficial effect than either in isolation
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