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When should I start

Inofolic® Alpha?

In principle, if you are suffering from PCOS you should take Inofolic Alpha for life, as it helps to regulate the hormone levels within your body and should reduce any symptoms you are suffering from.

Trying to conceive

If you are trying to conceive you should start taking Inofolic Alpha immediately as it can help regulate your ovulation and improve the quality of your eggs. Inofolic Alpha has been proven to restore ovulation in 95% of women with PCOS after 3 months. If you have been trying for a while or are about to start trying, we recommend taking Inofolic Alpha straightaway. It takes approximately 3 months to develop an egg cell, so once you start taking Inofolic Alpha you should continue for at least 3 months to give yourself the best chance of conceiving. There are good reasons to continue taking Inofolic Alpha up to and beyond conception.

The egg that will be released at ovulation or harvested during an IVF cycle started development at least three months before. It is therefore important to start Inofolic Alpha three months before trying to conceive or undertaking fertility treatment and to remain on it during pregnancy.
Dr Gill Lockwood

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PCOS women who become pregnant are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure) and may have an abnormally large baby. Inofolic Alpha can be safely taken throughout pregnancy and has been shown to reduce the incidence of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy and has also been shown to reduce the overall maternal weight gain throughout the pregnancy.

PCOS women have a much higher incidence of developing diabetes in pregnancy, in fact 30% of PCOS patients develop gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Studies in PCOS women showed a reduction in the risk of developing GDM from 54% down to 17.4%. Therefore we highly recommend that you continue to take Inofolic Alpha throughout your pregnancy.


(Increased male hormone levels)

If you are suffering from acne, hirsutism (excessive body hair) or other effects of hyperandrogenism, you should start taking Inofolic Alpha immediately. Inofolic Alpha can help regulate hormone levels and is highly effective. The micro-nutrients in Inofolic Alpha have been proven to help reduce the symptoms associated with this condition.

  • Over 50% of women were free from acne after 6 months of treatment with the micro-nutrients in Inofolic Alpha.
  • After 6 months treatment 1/3 women had no hirsutism and all groups saw significant improvement.

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