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Inofolic Alpha is 52% more effective than myo-inositol alone.

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40% of PCOS women cannot absorb myo-inositol efficiently enough for it to help alleviate the symptoms of PCOS. Unfortunately, most women are unaware of this problem but after taking Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months, 95% of women have restored ovulation.

Inofolic Alpha contains myo-inositol, folic acid and alpha-lactalbumin. Alphalactalbumin contributes to egg quality and reduces inflammation. It also improves the intestinal absorption of myo-inositol ensuring that the 40% of people who cannot absorb myo-inositol very well enjoy the benefits of ovulation, reduced insulin resistance and normalised hormone levels.

Inofolic Alpha doesn’t just improve fertility it can treat all aspects of PCOS.

Inofolic Alpha 95% successful

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