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Impryl: When should I start?

In principle, Impryl would ideally be taken daily for life to support your metabolism and help keep all the cells in your body healthy. When it comes to fertility, both women & men should be taking Impryl at least three months prior to conception. The recommended dosage of Impryl is one tablet per day. Women should continue taking it until birth as Impryl can help support the pregnancy through each stage, as seen below:

Timeline of pregnancy

3 months before conception – sperm & egg development
3 months before conception – sperm & egg development

Natural antioxidant defences ensure DNA in cells is not fragmented or de-condensed

Energy is required for creation of sperm and development of egg cells

Epigenetics are essential for optimal presentation of DNA in the gametes

0 months - Conception
0 months – Conception

Natural antioxidant defences protect the DNA in the gametes, maximising the chance of successful fertilisation

Energy is required for sperm motility, ovulation and creation of embryo

Epigenetics are essential for optimal presentation of DNA in the gametes

0-3 months – Embryo development
0-3 months – Embryo development

Natural antioxidant defences provide support to the metabolism allowing it to function at full capacity

Energy is required for implantation and the initial growth of the embryo

Epigenetics significantly increases chance of implantation and reduces risk of abnormal embryos

3-9 months – Fetal development
3-9 months – Fetal development

Natural antioxidant defences continue to support the optimal functioning of cells

Energy is essential for the foetus to continue its rapid growth

Epigenetics contribute to organ and tissue development with optimal gene expression

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