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I couldn’t recommend Impryl enough! In the last year alone, I had suffered 4 miscarriages… – Emma

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I can’t recommend Impryl enough. I have been married for 16 years and had fertility problems . I tried so many medicines and food supplements but it doesn’t help. 2 years ago I have took Impryl course for 4 months and the result was amazing. We had a baby and he is 2 years old now. I took it again and had another baby 4 months old now. I recommended Impryl to my brother who had been waiting for a baby for 9 year and after taking impryl for 4 months, he had a lovely baby and thanks to Impryl. I highly recommend it if you have infertility problems definitely will help even if you have to do IVF this will boost the your chance for success.


I was sceptical about taking this product, as recommended by a nurse in the fertility services, because we had unexplained infertility (all tests were normal and I had had one miscarriage, but being 40 we thought we might need some assistance). Both my husband and I took Impryl for about three months ahead of IVF but before we were able to start treatment (I was scheduled to call them NEXT WEEK to start the cycle of drugs etc before egg collection) I got a positive pregnancy test, which is the answer to so many tearful prayers. It’s expensive but I will taking Impryl throughout my pregnancy. It’s definitely cheaper than the IVF cycle we had planned! Praying that it will all go ok. I didn’t want to leave a review until I had something to say and I said I’d give it three months. It’s worth a try, even if you don’t have any clear thing wrong with you. If you’re not sure, just give it a go for 3 months.


We were advised by the private IVF fertility doctor to take this medication at the consultation. We both started taking Impryl and 3 weeks later I got pregnant naturally however I had a miscarriage after 8.5 weeks. We continued taking the medication for another 4 months and I got pregnant naturally again and now I am 11 weeks pregnant and everything is going as it should be. I will continue to take this medication with vit D throughout the pregnancy. I believe this medication made such an improvement that we no longer needed IVF and could conceive naturally, highly recommend it.

Lisa L

My wife and I had a failed round of IVF prior to a friend recommending Impyrl to me. My sperm count was dire, not even 1 million. I started taking Impyrl 3-4 months before our second round of IVF, which thank God worked and we now have a beautiful baby girl! What is also amazing is that my sperm count went up to 7 million for the second round of IVF, and now after another 10 months it is 20 million! This is not a cheap supplement but I took the over-the-counter cheaper ones and they made no difference whatsoever for nearly 2 years. I am so happy I started taking Impyrl, and that it is helping me to build my family. Thank you so much!


My wife and I had been trying for over a year before we considered there may be other factors affecting conception. We already have a child and had no previous issues conceiving so were surprised that it was taking longer than we had planned. We contacted a fertility clinic and after two rounds of tests found I had low sperm count and mobility which was devastating to hear. We’d been taking other supplements and the usual steps (healthy diet, more exercise, less alcohol consumption etc) so the advice of “just keep going, you are doing the right things” was a crushing blow and left us feeling helpless. At the appointment we were given a leaflet and recommendation to take Impryl which initially we dismissed as just another tablet to take. However, after taking for 1 MONTH (honestly true!) my wife and I are pregnant and awaiting our 12 week scan in a few weeks. I have no doubt these tablets played a part in helping with conceiving and I can’t recommend enough. We had a lot of dark day thinking this may never happen again for us and while I cant promise these pills are the magic ingredient, they certainly helped us and I will be forever grateful that we took the advice and tried Impryl.


Yes, we had an increase in sperm count, and I am currently cuddling my 8-week-old baby girl thanks to Impyrl.


We started taking Impryl on the advice of our doctor. We had a failed IVF cycle (poor sperm quality) we used Impryl for 6 months alongside reduced alcohol consumption and no hot baths / Saunas. When my husband’s sperm was tested at the start of our next IVF cycle and after 6 months of Impryl, his sperm count had risen from 1.8 (million?) to over 32. The morphology and motility have vastly improved too. The hospital staff said they had never seen such an improvement before. The best news is all but one of my eggs fertilised during the second round of IVF and I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant 😊 thank you!


Delivery was fast. Website easy to use. Conceived my son in 4 months.


Amazing! Only thing that allowed us to conceive. Husband’s sperm count was next to zero, bad morphology and motility. 3 months after taking this, it had improved dramatically. We tried everything else and only this worked. We now have an amazing 8-month-old son. Will be using this again. Thankyou!


After three months of taking Impryl, I finally had a successful IVF egg collection after two previously failed attempts and now have an embryo awaiting implantation


Significant improvement in sperm count and motility since taking Impryl


I struggled with poor sperm quality for years and following advice about diet/lifestyle made no improvements. On the off chance I heard about these and took them for 6 months while doing IVF and coincidence or not my wife fell pregnant.


Yes conceived, my wife is pregnant and by God's grace is going to give birth

Anonymous Review 

It seemed to have improved my sperm, and I believe it produced better quality embryos while taking it.


I found Impryl tablets very easy to take I noticed a difference in the quality of my semen but as yet haven’t conceived as my wife is having problems related to her PCOS for which she is taking Inofolic Powder sachets

Anonymous Review 

Easy to take. Hopefully results will show improvements


Haven't noticed any changes yet but I'm still in my first month’s supply. Hoping it's still building up in my system before we start IVF in a few month’s time.

Anonymous Review 

My partner had a very high improvement with his sperm quality. And we had more embryos that fertilised too.

Anonymous Review 

Sperm quality much improved since taking Impryl. Took for over three months prior to ICSI treatment and embryologist couldn't believe the difference.

Anonymous Review 

We started using Impryl prior to IVF treatment, we were informed these made a significant difference with my partners sperm count. Unfortunately, our 1st cycle failed, and we plan to start our next cycle soon and have continued with Impryl during this time.


My husband took Impryl 6 months before our IVF cycle due to high sperm DNA fragmentation. We did experience a very good result and ended up with 7 embryos, of which we are now currently pregnant, and we believe that Impryl helped to improve his DNA fragmentation results

Anonymous Review 

I experienced better, more stable cycles. I am using them for the process of egg freezing and hopefully the egg quality will be good

Anonymous Review 

My partner took these as recommended by our fertility consultant due to sperm morphology issues, after taking his morphology improved to within the normal range and we successfully conceived on first round of IVF


After 3 months my husband was taking Impryl, I conceived. Now I am 21 weeks pregnant.


Took for 5 months and then conceived naturally

Anonymous Review 

After taking an initial Sperm Comet test as advised from my consultant, the results were not ideal, he then recommended taking Impryl as a daily supplement. After 3 months of taking Impryl I had a Comet retest and there was a massive improvement in sperm DNA fragmentation, with the quality of sperm rising from an initial 39% to 80%, IVF treatment to start next month.


We are still currently taking these; we are about to start another round of IVF and want to have the best chances

Anonymous Review 

After 4 months of using Impryl my sperm quality has improved significantly following regular tests with our fertility specialist. While I undertook other lifestyle changes, I think Impryl has probably played a role in this. I will continue to use this until we become pregnant.


Only been taking it for 1 month, so far have seen significant improvement in sperm quantity from 1M to 13M, will continue to monitor monthly.

Anonymous Review 

I couldn't recommend Impryl enough! In the last year alone, I had suffered 4 miscarriages. We had been trying for two years the first year not falling pregnant at all and the second we couldn't seem to keep the baby. After trying all the usual pregnancy vitamins, holistic treatments nothing was helping. I kid you not, it says give it 3 months to let it build up in your system... 4 months after taking Impryl we were expecting our first baby. I honestly, hand on heart don't believe we would have fell pregnant so quickly and had such a strong baby without Impryl. We religiously took it at the same time each day and I couldn't be more grateful to our now Impryl family.


Increase in husband’s sperm motility from 22% to 70% after taking Impryl

Anonymous Review 

Customer service have been great, always at the end of the phone with advice should you need them. We have not conceived as of yet, but have some sperm in storage which was produced after taking Impryl , and we are due to start treatment soon.

Anonymous Review

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